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Change of Heart accepts donations as a way of offering scholarships and having an operating reserve. To assist our work with a donation, please complete the form below. We will contact you to make arrangements and to express our gratitude for your contribution to scholarships and operating expense.

If you wish to make a donation without contact, as some choose to do, simply mail your gift to The Change of Heart Center, 3104 Pinewood Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21214. Make checks payable to Thomas M. Brightman.

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Thank you for being a patron to Change of Heart. Records of giving are confidential. If you wish, you may specifically designate your contributions to mentoring scholarships or to operating expenses.

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For direct donations, please make your check payable to Thomas M. Brightman. Mail to 3104 Pinewood Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21214.

We are NOT tax exempt. Your gift is a donation to assist our random acts of kindness, mentoring and other assistance provided to those who seek out Change of Heart. Your gifts leave"HeArt Prints" with all who benefit from our services. Thank you for your generosity and for being a patron to Change of Heart.

Over an eight year period The Change of Heart, Bread for Breath Program placed $1,200,000 retail value of food with the homeless and other residential community agencies such as: Homeless Vetrans Center, House of Ruth, Rescue Mission, Helping Up Mission, Jacob's Well, Bea Gaddy Center, Antioch House, Franciscan Center, and many, many more. This is one example of service work which has extended beyond The Change of Heart Center to our larger Community.