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"Visionary" by Sauts
Life depicted in art mirrors our lives. Artists translate feelings and thoughts into many forms. Each medium reflects life through its unique lens on the world.Change of Heart has a select group of artists who will accept commissions from you to be your visual biographer or simply to create an art form that reflects aspects of your personal journey.

For those of you who have been to the Change of Heart Center you know how Thomas has chronicled his life journey in art: paintings, sculpture, artifacts, art glass, crafts, beadwork, musical instruments and more. Those same painters, sculptures, musicians, stained glass artisans, silver and gold smiths, fabric artists, doll artists, craft artists, and more are now available to you for commissions celebrating your experiences and vision.

"Cosmic Tortoise"
by Sauts
Everyone is an artist inside if not outside. Yet, most, even some quite skilled in art, do not identify themselves as artists. For some, accepting the yoke of "Artist" is a process that may evolve over a lifetime. However you see your own art skill you can receive the benefit of bringing form to your personal growth process through the ability of the Change of Heart artist community. The contemplation of art, the admiration of art, the participation in art, all access your deepest emotions and chronicle your life journey.
In our personal process, we generate images, visions, thoughts, feelings, and more. Often we long to have all of these in a visual form so that we might ponder them at will or even focus on the symbols in meditative practices to glean deeper awareness. You can capture the often-fleeting images and sensations in the form of commissioned art done for you from your descriptions. Personal and collective mythology is the original self-help pyschology. Make the mysteries visible.

You will talk with the artist and/or write to the artist to begin the process. We can even arrange a visit. You can become a patron. Depending on the art form you choose, prices have ranged from $50 to $1500.

"White Buffalo Calf" by Sauts
Artists include: William Sauts Netamuxwe Bock, Painter, Sakima, Wolf Clan of the Lenni Lenape, Unami Band, Pennsylvania; Robert Conard, stained glass artisan, Drummond Island, Michigan; Susan Smith Brightman, CraftArt, Quilting &CeramicsPlus Studio, Maryland; Arnold Richardson, Tsa'ne Do'se, Sapone Elder, Sculptor, Master Craftsman, Musician, Kentucky; Kali Kucera, Composer and Poet, Washington; Barbara Volk, extraordinary beaded jewelry and bags, West Virginia; Joe Roberts, drum maker, North Carolina; Phil Grout, Photographer, Maryland; and Phil Jurus, Goldsmith and Sculptor, Maryland. Each is a friend of HeArt and Soul ArtWorks, a community of The Change of Heart Center.

Call, send email, or surface mail with your request. We will put you in touch with each artist as you choose the medium that you believe will best reflect your experiences, visions and imagination. www.heartandsoulartworks.com is linked to the Change of Heart website: www.changeofheartcenter.com. All initial communications need to be made with Thomas at the Center: 443-986-6005 or email: Thomas at telephonethomas@comcast.net.

A self Portrait of Sauts

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Save the Arts. Serve yourself.

-Thomas Merton

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