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The Great Round of Mandala

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One of the gifts from consciousness research is the MARI® Assessment Research Instrument from Joan Kellogg, M.A.A.T.R. Joan evolved a wonderful process for self-exploration. She has now passed to everywhere, but not until a MARI twenty-fifth anniversary gala was held at Johns Hopkins University here in Baltimore, Maryland, by those who not only learned from her but also came to love her.

The rights to MARI® were purchased from her estate. If you wish to become a teacher of MARI Assessment Research Instrument, or attend Level I or Level II Certification classes, call 919-821-4222
or email:

Joan Kellogg is the originator of MARI®, the creator of the MARI® Cards, often called The Great Round of Mandala.

I came to MARI through my associations with Joan, Helen Bonny and Stanislav Grof. All three were at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center in a project under the auspices of Johns Hopkins University in the 1960's. Stan Grof, the Chariman of the team, went on to develop Holotropic® Breathwork; Helen Bonny created GIM®, Guided Imagery; and, Joan Kellogg, founded MARI®.

Summer Solstice
by Sauts
I am a certified Holotropic® Breathwork practitioner; a certified Integrative® Breathwork practitioner; a Level I and Level II Certified MARI® mandala assessment practitioner; and, I studied GIM® with Helen Bonny and her son. My experience with breathing, mandala, and music is that they "all" offer deep integrative potential used separately or in combination.

The MARI® mandala assessment process is descriptive, not prescriptive. Yet, with the use of mandala drawing, symbols, color and dialogue, you can disclose to yourself and describe those life issues that are most seeking attention at the moment of your mandala. You can gain perspective on your issues and beome very intentional about taking actions in the direction that you want your life to progress.

A mandala is a drawing in a circle. It is a universal symbol of self in its wholeness. It represents the totality of the world -- your world. You can connect to and more deeply understand the essence of who you are by drawing and interpreting mandalas. These circles of self indicate aspects and qualities of our relationship to ourselves and to others. It is an experiential way to access one's wholeness.

With your mandala as a map of your consciousness, you can increase your power of self awareness and your ability to organize, integrate and transform yourself. The Mandala represents your psychic center at a point in time.

Carl Jung used the mandala as a form of meditation. Jung re-introduced this sacred cross-cultural form to the Western world. He believed that the mandala reflected the conscious and unconscious parts of the total person at any given moment.

by Sauts

His last reported dream was one of a round stone in a high place with the words, "And this shall be a sign unto you of oneness and wholeness."

The MARI® Card Assessment and process is a valuable asset in self discovery! Schedule an appointment for yourself today. Telephone Thomas® at 443-986-6005. For general information on mandalas and their wide range of uses search Google.

For an initial insight into GIM you can begin with a book I recommend: Healing Imagery & Music -- Pathways To The Inner Self, by Carol A. Bush, ISBN 0-915801-50-7; CAROL A. BUSH, M.S.W, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Fellow of the Association of Music and Imagery, Co-Director of the Mid-Atlantic Training Institute. A pioneer of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, Bush was certified to practice in 1979. Her more than twenty five years of clinical experience have included a variety of mental health settings and private practices in Miami and Virginia Beach, VA. She has also authored scholarly articles for professional journals, a chapter in The Whole Mind and a piece for Don Campbell’s' best-selling book, The Mozart Effect.

"Faust & Plato's Soul" a Commissioned Original Painting by Sauts

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