'Here' and 'There'
Thomas Merton Brightman
All rights reserved

Got your note, hear the despair
You'd rather be 'There' than 'Here'
Such a parrying pair, 'Here' and 'There'
But you're already 'Here' and who knows 'There'

If you could get to 'There'
Which you cannot
You would just be back to 'Here'
'There' is always there…'Here' is always here

Know the depression you carry
But do not tarry with 'There'
Tis your time to be 'Here' not gone
Nowhere is there 'There'

'There' is puff pastry, hollow space
Missing the filling of life
Choux needs its 'Here' inside 'There'
Just as you feel like an empty éclair

'Here' hears your scare
But 'Time' is 'Here' not 'There'
As much as you feel your life is bare
Deal with it 'Here' not 'There'

As with curds and whey
There is always another way
No need to curdle at life hurdles
The destiny of 'There' can remain ever at bay

You are 'Here' not 'There'
'There' is never 'There'
'Here' is never 'There'
'Here' is 'Here'

As you can hear you're still 'Here' my dear
'Here' is now, 'Here' is then,
To 'Here' there is no end
'Here' is here to stay

So There!