My Four Graces
Thomas Merton Brightman
All rights reserved

What does one do?
Who does one become?
How does one find their way?
When does one integrate the fragments?

In a life such as mine...
Residence in DC and thirteen states
Sixty-eight shelters being called home
Inhabitant of thirty-six villages and cities
Four high schools, four states, four years
Attendance at three colleges in three states
Ten months touring the thirty largest US cities
Growing from four marriages, three divorces
A decade of personal growth immersions
Twelve years in Twelve Step Programs
Nine focused occupational pursuits
Eventual mystical meanderings

One arrives, survives, strives and thrives

Turns coping
Into calling
Eventually coming to serve

Individuals as mentor
Organizations as transformer
Self as unitive explorer


Arriving. Surviving. Striving. Thriving.