A Very Good Man
Thomas Merton Brightman
All rights reserved

Oh My!
Time to cry
Friend--Mentor Phil
Is gone...

Happenstance tutor
To uninitiated, bright, young man
Saw difficultly for me to function
Burdened by intrinsic dysfunction

Cast by Fate
Into corporate cauldron
Liked for what I do
Not who I am

Wall Street gobbled me up
A handy 'PSD'
Their path to money right off the tee

Phil glimpsed my forte
Though stymied by style
Unvarnished naiveté
Innocent smile

Ripe with good intention
Was though
As the saying goes
Own worst enemy

Still growing into a man
Took incorrigible, insistent stands
Raw relational pretension
Manufactured moments of dissention

Rest in peace, Phil
You built upon my best
So much late-in-life awareness
Began with your insight and assist

He lived a good life
For his family and friends
We are all better for Phil
A very good man