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Are Fragments
Thomas's Poetics
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Wondering Way



'Tis Truly Mystery

Angel’s Tenth

Writing Universally

Piranha Voice

Truce on Truth

Personal Manifesto

Intrinsic Freedom

Initiates All

Frame of Reverence

Not That Complicated

'Tis the Action

Nothing Remains the Same

Utter Surrender

All in a Point

Thin Times

Nothing is Alone

Infinity's Child

As Stars Are

Dots Galore for Evermore


Child Calf Given Wing

Sounding Pulses

Sycamore Tease

Silence is Spoof

Subtlest Sound of All

Emerald Eyes

Emerald Face

Emerald Twist

Come Close Again

Here to Everywhere

But, What of That?

Zealous Hiding

Things to Come

Annals of Avoidance

Simply Everything

'Here' and 'There'

Infinitely So

Every Way, Every Day

Especially Illusion

Relationship is Spiritual Practice

Combining Traits, Changing Fate

Round and Round

Ready or Not

Losing Home

Yet Another Fresh Start

My Three Graces

A HeArt Beginning and End

Shape of My HeArt

New Choice, New Voice

An Always Have Paris Child

Use and Abuse

Comes with a Label

Time Collapsed

Forever Soured Soul

I Go Away

Mourning Morning

My Moon is Weeping

Mama Took Strife to Art

Precious, What's That?

Enough to Make You Cry

Wake-up Men!

On Arrows

Sparse Contentment

Waking Father

Beating a Heart Broken

One by One

Family of Origin


Or Else!

Pain in My Grass

Christmas Tremor

No 'Sleep Tight' Tonight

Coming of Rage

Leaves Me Trembling

Call to The 'Wall'

Pain Remains

Pain Paints

How Dare You

Help Your 'Self'

In Search of the Inimitable

Loosed to Soar

Power in Reflection

What Price the Spaces

Proffering Pain

That Forgiving

Curious Quest, Regret

The Blemish is Benign

Ever More Remains

Process Creates

Thanks to the Sun

Sunflowers in Old Man's Arms

A Very Good Man

When Our Mourning Comes

The Closing Door

Final Tree

Again and Again

It's Not My Dot

Moving On!

Know Not

Affirmation Word Picture

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